Support with paying rent

If you are struggling to pay your rent/keep up-to-date with payments, there are many local authority schemes that can help:

  • Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme. This is for those who are struggling to make payments and you are in receipt of housing benefit, or you receive housing costs within your Universal Credit.
  • Household Support Fund. This if for those who are struggling with everyday bills, including utilities.
  • Council tax hardship scheme. This is for those who are struggling to pay council tax bills.


There are lots of ways we can help and work with you. Some ways we could help are:

  • Provide advice about benefits and maximising your income.
  • Help with claims for grants and discretionary payments.
  • Set up a payment plan that suits you so you can pay arrears over time.
  • Signpost you to other agencies for specialised debt support.

We will look at each case individually and suggest solutions that work for you.

Support with paying my rent